Thursday, December 14, 2017
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Šarišan hľadá nové talenty There are no translations available.

Folklórny súbor ŠARIŠAN hľadá nové talenty do tanečnej, speváckej a hudobnej zložky.
Tešíme sa na Vás v OZ Družba, Sídlisko III, Prešov každý Utorok a Piatok od 18:30 do 21:00,
prípadne po telefonickom dohovore.
Viac info na 0905381471.
Našemu Šarišu na śvece ňit pari,
dobre śe tu čuje, jak mladi, tak stari,
dobre śe tu žije, jak v źime, tak v ľece,
ja ŠARIŠAN chcem bic i na druhim śvece.
( Jožko Prihoda)

folklore ensemble  established by PKO (Park kultury a oddychu) Presov, Slovakia  is leading representative of Saris region folk dance & music. Over 60 young people play, sing and dance in the ensemble, performing annually in over 70 live shows in Slovakia as well as abroad. Programmes of Sarisan folk ensemble have been inspired by lavish folk dance & music traditions of East Slovakia regions - Saris, Zemplin, Spis & Gemer. The traditional folklore artistically adapted by Sarisan ensemble bring original and unrepeatable East Slovakia  folk dance & music interpretation and they significantly represent Slovak cultural heritage all over the world. From its beginnings Sarisan ensemble is unique with its original dramaturgy, successful experimental choreography and using wide scale of untraditional folk instruments. Spectators appreciate humorous, sensitive and technically perfected inscenations of dancing and musical-singing scenas. Folklore experts keep being impressed by originality of adapting of original folklore material as well as by top technical level of performers. During 43 years of activity Sarisan ensemble have won number of prizes and titles from the most prestigious folklore festivals in Slovakia as well as from its 110 participations in festivals all over the world. The ensemble have toured in 32 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and America.
Sarisan ensemble frequently perform in radio and TV broadcast, our
musical recordings belong to most valuable folklore music pieces of Slovak Radio.
Sarisan's professional musicians background enabled to issue 50 albums including 15 profile albums.  The ensemble's production has been recently well documented by "Vitaj život" videocassette filmed at attractive site of Bardejov Spa open-air folk architecture museum, by  DVD "Na Sarisu Tak..." (35th ensemble's anniversary premiere programme), and by  our latest DVD "Na dachu ja".

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